All County Choir


Emily Perry

All  County is a scary but fun experience. All County is a great opportunity where you can make new friends. The directors pick pieces of music that everyone can take a message out of to use in the real world. All County is a door to many great things like going to All State, having fun, and sharing music. All County may seem really scary at first. because of the fear of failure, but no one will notice because the audience doesn’t have the music. If you sing the wrong thing and the audience hears it they will think it was apart of the song and the audience will think you did amazing. You need to believe you can do it and that you will do good. With that belief you will forget about your worries and you will have a fun time. Belief in yourself gives you the confidence, strength, and bravery to be able to have fun. Many people are scared to go to All County because they are afraid that people will judge them but you get to learn new music and meet amazing people so there is nothing to worry about.