Ms. Schena, advisor

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February 6, 2023


Hello everyone, I am Ms. Schena and I am one of the new advisors for the school newspaper, The Sentinel. I am very excited about this new opportunity. As yearbook advisor, I am always talking about all of the stories that we are trying to include in the yearbook and this is just one more way to incorporate the ongoing stories of our school year.

I have been teaching at BRCS for 17 years and each year brings new opportunities and experiences. I love my time at BRCS. I love the students and sometimes I forget I actually get paid to do what I do!

In my personal life, I have one daughter who is a senior this year. How exciting, but nerve wracking as well. I am President of the Olean School Board and have been a member for seven years. I like this position because it gives me a different perspective on education as a whole.

My hobbies include reading and hanging with my Australian Shepherd, Leo. As a member of various clubs and boards, I am always busy, but I love being busy.

I hope everyone loves our new school newspaper!